Saturday, April 11, 2009

Collage Hearts

These new piece’s I have created are all made using collage. They are all experimental I had all the material but didn’t know what to create. I sat in front of my desk and just went for it. These beautiful pieces are the result of that experimentation. This could be a special gift for your sibling, mother or father, your child, grandparent, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, cousin, aunt or uncle. Pretty much anyone you would consider special.

 These pieces are all unique in their own way. Even though they might come across as abstract these pieces resemble a heart. That heart represents passion, love and beauty. It’s something truly personal that your loved ones can hang on their wall or just display and can be admired year round.

The link to my ETSY shop is on the right feel free to take a look at more collage pieces. 


self taught artist said...

hey steve, i looked at your etsy stuff again....that piece you have showcased 'love letter' is interesting! i'm liking how this is going. best to you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice... I love collages.