Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Featured on Patrons of the Arts

I want to share something with you all I am honored to be featured on Patron of the Arts along side Megan Wolfe, Brenton Bostwick, Anne Herror and Peter Adamyan. Here you will find an interview and images of me in my studio and of the work up for sale on the website.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Items on Etsy

These new piece’s I have created are all made using collage. This could be a special gift for your sibling, mother or father, your child, grandparent, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, cousin, aunt or uncle. Pretty much anyone you would consider special. 

These pieces are all unique in their own way. Even though they might come across as abstract these pieces resemble a heart. That heart represents passion, love and beauty. It’s something truly personal that your loved ones can hang on their wall or just display and can be admired year round. 

These new pieces have room for you to write inside. These piece come in a protective plastic sleeve. They all come in a set of 3. 

Hers a link to my ETSY SITE 
Size: 4˝x4˝  

New Self Portraits

Here are two new portraits taken by Daniel J Valadez. I needed new portraits of me and my work.

My Studio

Heres a picture of my studio in San Francisco. This is a new painting I'm working on at the moment. The size of this painting is 60"x48" this painting has been a challenge but so far so good. I will keep you posted on how this painting turns out as I work on it.

Painting live @ Mezzanine

Heres an image taken @ Mezzanine when I was painting live. The piece I was working on was a 40"x30" on wood panel. Hope to finish the piece soon once I do I''ll post images.